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Know Your Juice Use with Ryobi Power Usage Meter

January 22nd, 2010 by
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While this item certainly isn’t a woodworking power tool, Ryobi’s Power Usage Meter, released late in 2009, can help you become a wiser electricity consumer in your home or shop. The meter simply plugs into an outlet, and its onboard grounded plug will then accept the plug of most 15-amp home appliances, including televisions, stereos, computers, microwaves, cell phone chargers and other household or consumer electronics. It can evaluate the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly power usage and cost of whatever you have plugged into it. Ryobi estimates the meter to be accurate to within +/- 3%.

Finally, here’s a way to know exactly where your utility dollars are being spent—quickly and easily. The Ryobi Power Usage Meter has a street price of $24.97, and you can purchase it at your local Home Depot store.

Top Off Six Batteries in One Supercharger from Ryobi

January 21st, 2010 by
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If you’re tired of accumulating another battery charger for every new cordless tool you buy, Ryobi’s P125 Super Charger could offer a better solution. It can charge up to six of the company’s 18-volt ONE+ batteries at a time on demand, and it responds to each battery’s individual charging state.

The charger can replenish batteries in one hour or less, then it monitors charge levels and tops them up as necessary. Separate indicator lights show battery and port status as batteries are charged or maintained. An Energy Save Mode activates when all of the batteries are fully charged, and it shuts the charger down until it’s needed again. That protects the batteries’ cells and maximizes their overall service lives.

The Ryobi Super Charger includes a 6-ft. power cord and a quick-release wall-mount bracket to help conserve workbench space. Tool batteries are not included.

You can see the Super Charger now at your local Home Depot store, along with other ONE+ Ryobi tools. It sells for $79.