Shucking the Sorels and Heading to IBS!

January 19th, 2010 by

Sure, it’s still January—cold, dark and snowy. Followed by more cold, dark and snowy. Nobody knows that better than us here in the Northland. But this week, editor-in-chief Rob Johnstone and I are shedding the parkas and mukluks and heading to sunny Las Vegas for the 2010 International Builder’s Show (IBS).

IBS is the largest annual building industry tradeshow in the country!  That’s where we’ll find all the big names in home improvement—and plenty of woodworking suppliers, too—showing their latest and greatest goodies for the new year. But, even though you probably won’t be there thawing out with us, you can grab hold of our cyber press passes and come along anyway!

Just as we did last year, we’ll hit Sin City’s convention center hard, with plenty of video interviews in the booths plus other blog coverage from the tradeshow floor.

Follow our IBS escapades on Twitter, Facebook and, of course, this blog! Check back often, as we’ll be uploading new content throughout each day.

Let’s take a break from winter and let IBS get us thinking about warmer weather and all of the woodworking that goes with it.

Time to get packed and get outta Dodge!

Catch you from IBS,

Chris Marshall, Field Editor

3 Responses to “Shucking the Sorels and Heading to IBS!”

  1. Darrell says:

    The CO2 cylinders at the exchange rate of $9.00 could be expensive, depending how much you’re going to use the nailer. I use a refillable tank if I’m going to do small trim jobs(and/or hard to get areas) and its going to be a lot cheaper as I already have a compressor. Also, the portable compressors nowadays are very small and very cheap, a month of purchasing CO2 clyinders at one a day would easily pay for the small portable compressor.

  2. rrich says:

    “Let’s take a break from winter and let IBS get us thinking about warmer weather and all of the woodworking that goes with it.”

    35° to 48° with light rain in Las Vegas today (Thursday). Warmer, I guess.

    Seriously now, I was in Las Vegas last week. Has I know that the International Builders Show was this week, I would have changed my reservations. I wish that you would publish a calendar in the e-zine by month rather than by state. And please publish the pro shows also.

  3. I second the calendar of all shows by date. Since I plan my show schedules by 6 months ahead at least, I would like that.

    The small local shows have been reduced a lot in my area (Southeastern Michigan). I look to the large national shows more now.

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