Simpler Conversions from Calculated Industries

January 21st, 2010 by

We stopped by Calculated Industries at IBS today, and while their product line here at the show is geared more toward professional builders, a couple of calculator products could sure come in handy for around-the-house DIY and woodworking applications—especially if math was never your strongest suit.

The Construction Master 5 calculator, which has a street price of around $70 to $75, has key functions that enable you to figure pitch, rise and run for framing roofs. This model will also estimate board foot quantities with a touch of a button. Metric conversions will be easier, thanks to buttons for meters, centimeters and millimeters, and of course you can do any other typical mathematical calculation, too. You can purchase it through Rockler and other sources.

Or, choose the Material Estimator, which sells for between $30 and $40. This model will enable you to estimate quantities of concrete, block, gravel, decking, fencing, studs, flooring, tile and more—all using individual, dedicated buttons. It’s solar powered and ready to work when you are.

Both calculators allow you to enter fractional measurements just like you say them, without determining decimal equivalents first…shop math made easy.

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