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More Joinery, Mongo Cuts from Prazi USA

January 22nd, 2010 by
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I stopped by to see Bob Cummings at Prazi USA and, although he wasn’t showing brand-new product at IBS, there are a couple of current Prazi items worthy of note. Recently, Prazi expanded the joinery options for its ChestMate Dovetail Jig—a product I really like. Now, the same ChestMate jig is capable of cutting mortises of any length and width, as well as four sizes of box joints (3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4 in.) and even dowel joints with any spacing on any length board. The expanded capability is possible because Prazi includes several more inserts with the standard jig. The ChestMate and all of the new inserts sell for $129. Try getting that degree of versatility out of any other dovetail jig!

Another unsual Prazi product that could come in real handy for timber framing or cutting other oversized stock is the Beam Cutter. It uses a bolt on chainsaw-style bar and integral splitter to convert your worm drive or 7 1/4-in. circular saw into a tool capable of cutting 12-in.-thick material. Although the Beam Cutter looks a little intimidating, Bob says the chain cuts on the upstroke, which pulls the saw tight to the workpiece and eliminates kickback hazards. The Beam Cutter has a street price of around $159.

You can learn more about both products, or even place an on-line order, by visiting the company’s website: