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When this reader set out to build one of our plans, he had a question:

In Michigan, where I am from, we recycle most pop/beer cans, however I drink a juice supplement for bad joints every day which does not have a bottle/can deposit on them. They are 100% recyclable aluminum so I have been saving them. Unfortunately, they take up a lot of room, so I decided to build your crusher. But a ways into the project I realized the cans are a different size. Taller and smaller in diameter. The diameter doesn’t matter but I am concerned about the taller height interfering with the insertion of the can into the crusher. The cans are 1/4″ taller than a standard 12 oz. pop/beer can. Do the plans allow for enough clearance for this?

– Bob in Michigan

After hearing from one of our staff that the Can Crusher plan offers 5 inches of clearance, we were happy to hear from Bob again:

Thank you it worked!

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

Can Crusher With Can

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  • Charles Gushue

    Dear Guys & Dolls,
    Could You let me know just how I could get the pattern for the can crusher ?
    It would be greatly appreciated. I would be more than happy to pay for it.

    Thank You,
    Chuck Gushue

    • Joanna Takes

      Charles, if you click on the words “Can Crusher plan,” it will take you directly to the page on our Woodworker’s Journal store where you can order the plan.

      Joanna Takes
      Senior Editor