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January 20-23, 2009 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mythic Paint Brings Non-Toxic Paint to Woodworking Projects

Evolution Offers Versatile Line of Power Tools

RIDGID Offers Three Remodeling Tools for Under $100

How do you spend the weekends you're not woodworking? Chances are, you've got a list of remodeling or home improvement projects that keep you busy. Unless you make your living as a contractor, though, you probably don't want to spend top dollar on those remodeling tools you only use occasionally. RIDGID knows just where you're coming from, and it's offering three tools - two reciprocating saws and a collated screw gun - each priced at only $99. We got a closer look at all three at this year's International Builder's Show.

Hand-Held Recip SawRIDGID's One-Handed Reciprocating Saw (model R3030) weighs in at just four pounds, so it's easy to operate with only one hand. The saw's compact size should make it easy to squeeze into tight spaces inside a cabinet or between wall studs. It has a variable-speed, 4-amp motor and a tool-free chuck for quick blade changes. There's even an LED worklight in front to brighten up dark workspaces. The kit includes a saw, three blades and a heavy-duty contractor bag.

Recip SawOr, step up a notch to RIDGID's Model R3002 Reciprocating Saw for more aggressive cutting jobs. This saw features conventional linear cutting action like other recip saws, plus an orbital function for ripping quickly through wood, where efficiency and speed are bigger concerns than fine cutting quality. The R3002 has a 9-amp motor, 3/4-in. stroke length, overmolded front boot and a variable speed trigger. RIDGID reports that this saw is also a full pound lighter than the previous unit it replaces. A quick-release chuck, 12-foot cord and contractor's bag round out this tough, bargain price tool.

Collated ScrewdriverIf you're planning a big drywall project this spring or maybe replacing the boards on your deck, remember to check out RIDGID's R6790 Collated Screwdriver. The 4.3-amp tool comes with an adjustable nosepiece to accommodate different screw lengths, and a depth-of-drive feature allows you to control how deeply and consistently you sink the screwheads. Two interchangeable nosepieces come with the screwdriver - one for wood and other for drywall. RIDGID says the R6790 is powerful enough to drive 2-in. screws, and you lock the trigger on for continuous screw driving. There's no faster way to drive a hundred or a thousand screws than with a collated screwgun, and RIDGID makes this tool's pricepoint easy to justify for any budget.

Check out RIDGID's full line of power tools at your local Home Depot store or on RIDGID's website: www.ridgid.com.

RIDGID Brings Li-Ion Power to Full-featured Finish Nailer

NailerIf you're looking for a 15-gauge nailer with all the bells and whistles, but you'd rather not drag a compressor and hose around when using it, be sure to check out RIDGID's new R250AF18 Angled Finish Nailer, unveiled at the International Builder's Show. It's powered by an 18-volt Lithium Ion battery that will drive 500 nails on single charge, according to RIDGID.

In terms of other solid features, this compact nailer sports a 34° angled magazine to fit into tight places, and it accepts nails from 1 in. up to 2 1/2 in. You can set the tool to either contact fire or sequential fire mode, and it has a tool-free depth adjustment to prevent overdriving. Jams are easy to clear, thanks to a tool-free release. Being battery powered, this nailer even has on-board LED worklight, and Lithium-Ion will hold its charge much longer than Ni-Cad batteries if you don't use the nailer on a regular basis. When recharging time comes, the battery will be ready to go again in just 20 minutes. RIDGID provides one battery, a charger and heavy-duty contractor's bag with the nailer, all for $299. See the R250AF18 Nailer in Home Depot stores this coming May.


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