Close-Up Look at Bosch Glide Miter Saw

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4 Comments on Close-Up Look at Bosch Glide Miter Saw

  1. From the factory what is the accuracy? Will you have to readjust?

    • Preordered in September and received it on October 10.

      The only setup was to insert and tighten the miter lock knob and install the bevel lock lever.

      After familiarizing myself with the saw, and making no adjustment to the miter or bevel I cut a 5-inch wide x 3/4″ board and checked each for square. I then set the miter for a 45-degree cut and, again, the angle was perfect.

      I can honestly say the bevel and miter were 100% square right out of the box.

      The glide movement is not set at the factory, and the movement is very smooth. This is a personal preference and the adjustment is to simply tighten or loosen two set screws.

  2. Please find out more about the dust collection on the saw. As in what DC fittings come on the saw, also get them to cut the exact same piece, on camera, with DC turned on and off.

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