Freud’s Full-size Dado Sets

If you’re looking for more capacity from a dado set, plus the ability to use it for cutting delicate materials along with everything else‚ Freud may have your answer. The company just unveiled two new Super Dado sets today—a 10″ diameter (SD510) and 12″ (SD512) size.

Up until now, the company says preexisting large-diameter dado sets were older designs with positive hook angles that generally produced ragged edges on delicate materials like veneered plywood and melamine. Additionally, these blades lacked 3/32″ chippers that would make it easier to adjust cutting width to suit undersized plywood.

Freud’s new full-size dado sets have teeth with negative hook angles that promise to make “ultra clean” cuts in any wood or composite material. Teeth are made of TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide that is specifically blended for long cutting life, and anti-kickback design improves safety. A Silver I.C.E. coating on the outer blades should help reduce pitch build-up and other corrosion.

Six, four-wing chippers are included with both blade sizes, including a 3/32″ chipper. A shim set is also part of the package to make fine-tuning cutting widths easier. Both the 10″ and 12″ dado sets have 1″ arbor holes. There are 32 or 36 teeth, respectively, on the outer blades.

Both blades are available now through Freud distributors. The 10″ SD510 sells for $299 and the 12″ SD512 for $329.

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