Sampling From “Design Emphasis 2010″

Aside from oogling over all of the latest tools, supplies and other woodworking products here at IWF, one of the more enjoyable parts of the trip has been browsing through “Design Emphasis 2010″—IWF’s student furniture design competition. This year, 31 colleges, universities and design schools participated in the contest, and the top 50 finalist projects were on display. The following is only a sampling of those pieces we were lucky enough to see up close. Congratulations to all the finalists! It’s inspiring to see such creative interpretations of form and function and the ingenious ways these artists have used materials and construction methods. Enjoy!

John Hunter, Haywood Community College

Jacob K. Maxfield, Brigham Young University

Will Durham, Auburn University

Jeremy Wilson, Columbus College of Art & Design

Melissa Engler, Haywood Community College

Jake Blok, Kendall College of Art & Design

Diego Moreno, University of Bridgeport

Michael Hancock, Kendall College of Art & Design

Kaila Hart, Herron School of Art & Design—Indiana University

Ash Robinson, Herron School of Art & Design—Indiana University

Joshua Janis, Haywood Community College

Matthew Ovel, Kansas State University

Ross McCoy, Kansas State University

Dustin Sweeny, Columbus College of Art & Design

Leah Kenttamaa-Squires, Purdue University Forestry & Natural Resources

Eric Warnick, Pittsburgh State University

Zhan Zhang, Auburn University

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