Carter Products MultiRest™ Fits Lathes from Midi Up to 20-inch

August 25th, 2012 by

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty work support solution for hollowing vessels or turning bowls on your lathe, consider Carter Products new MultiRest, which was on display at IWF. Made mostly of laser-cut steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, it is compatible with midi models on up to lathes with 20-in. swings with no additional hardware required. The base of the MultiRest has independently adjustable spacer blocks that fit lathe beds with way sizes from 1 in. to 4 1/2 in. The device’s multi-ring structure has a two-piece design that allows it to be quickly opened up while leaving the mounting base firmly attached to the lathe bed. This accessibility feature enables easier mounting or dismounting of workpieces or for sanding, shaping and other secondary operations. When the larger portion of the ring is removed, the remaining section becomes a bowl rest, providing support behind the workpiece without obstructing the opposite side of the bowl for exterior cutting and shaping stages.

Each of the MultiRest’s three roller wheel assemblies can be positioned anywhere around the ring and adjusted to the center position of the workpiece to suit a wide range of part diameters. The bearing-mounted, non-marring urethane wheels have a rigid internal ring to prevent sidewall stress while still being gentle on the workpiece.

The Carter MultiRest is available now and retails for $359.95. Find out more at

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