Miter Saw Dust Collection Test

Miter Saw Dust Collection Test

Chris Marshall offers some of his best tips for dust collection when using a miter saw, and then tests the effectiveness of the dust collection on 10-in. sliding miter saws from Ridgid, DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, Kobalt, and Craftsman.

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  • Chris

    In this video, it does not show him making a cut with the Freud blade on the Bosch saw. Not only does the Bosch saw produce the most sawdust but the size of the sawdust is considerably more coarse than all of the other saws. Is that a mistake?

  • Alan Jones

    I noticed the blade on the bosch, too. Blades make a huge difference.
    The real champ on dust collection is the little jewel that Makita makes. It’s a double slider so it works on a bench, is dead accurate, and has some kind of cyclonic dust collector that attaches instead of a useless bag. It has 7 1/2 ” blade, but still cuts 12″ in a crosscut. Weighs maybe 35 lbs.

    (I sold my very good Bosch 10″ slider b/c I rarely do tall crown (I can still do it on the Mak, just have to do it flat) and it weighed a ton with the folding cart I built.
    Although I resist the idea, I am not as young as I used to be.)

    It collects 90% of the dust even w/o a vac attached.
    I will post a link here, but the lexan dust collector is not pictured. Did I just get lucky?

  • mhocking

    A note on the Bosch saw blade:
    When Chris wrote the original article for the magazine, he tested the machines all with the same blade. When it cam time to film the video for the More on the Web, he wanted a few additional shots of the Bosch saw inaction, which had the standard blade back in it. The difference between amounts of saw dust he collected during initial tests with the Freud blade and with the Bosch blade was minimal.

    -Matt Hocking
    Woodworker’s Journal

  • MrT

    I saw a kapex in the background…was that tested as well?