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E·Z Pro DOVEtailer Jig

A common complaint about many dovetail jigs is the complexity of setting them up and using them successfully. General Tools intends to change that perception and make dovetail joints possible for anyone with a router or router table using the E·Z Pro DOVEtailer Jig. Machined from a solid, heavy-duty aluminum extrusion, this jig is designed to stand up to years of tough shop use. It features a unique sliding depth gauge to help you quickly and accurately adjust the jig to a variety of workpiece thicknesses. The DOVEtailer will cut either half-blind or through dovetail joints on stock of any width without complex changeovers or the extra parts required with some other jigs. Even better, aside from your router, you get everything you need to mill dovetail joinery right out of the box. The kit includes a dovetail jig with four screw clamps, an alignment key for registering the jig on wider stock, a 14° 1/4-in.-shank piloted dovetail bit and a DVD instructional video. It sells for $54.99.

E·Z Jointer Clamps

With General Tools E·Z Jointer Clamps, you don't need a dedicated jointer to flatten the first edge of a crooked or waney piece of stock. The aluminum clamps feature two thumbscrews with pads. Tighten one thumbscrew to a straight-edged piece of stock and the other to your crooked lumber, then use the straight edge of the first board to guide the clamped assembly along your table saw's rip fence. The E·Z Jointer Clamp kit ($18.95) comes with two complete clamps, which enable you to straight-line rip even longer stock safely. Here's an inexpensive solution to help make the most of your lumber dollars.

E·Z Dowel Kit

The trickiest aspect of making sturdy dowel joints is aligning the mating dowel holes precisely. General Tools offers a doweling jig kit to make the drilling process quick, easy and repeatable. Made of sturdy aluminum extrusion, the jig features a clamp and three interchangeable drill bushings in 1/4-, 5/16- and 3/8-in.-diameter sizes. Two threaded positions on the jig enable you to use the same bushings for making edge-to-edge, right angle and edge-to-surface joints. The E·Z Dowel Kit also includes three brad point bits with stop collars and three pairs of steel dowel center points, plus a collection of hardwood dowels. For $41.50, here's a complete solution to your dowel joinery needs.

E·Z Pocket Hole Jig Kit

Pocket-hole joints are among the fastest options for constructing face frames, cabinet carcasses and other boxes. You could spend hundreds of dollars to invest in a system for making these sturdy joints, or a fraction of that price with the E·Z Pocket Hole Jig Kit from General Tools. This kit includes an aluminum drilling jig with integral clamp and a pair of hardened steel drill bushings. The jig's design allows you to make flush, corner and angle pocket-hole joints. You also get a 3/8-in.-diameter stepped drill bit with adjustable stop collar, a 6-in. square drive bit and a package of 1 1/4-in. square drive pocket screws. Instructions and free project plans are also included, all for $45.95.