Cope-and-Stick Glass Panel Doors

Freud Premier Adjustable Rail and Stile Bit Sets

Four new rail and stile router bit sets from Freud are designed to solve the limitations presented by other cabinet door bit systems. Unlike typical fixed-cutter designs, Freud's Premier Adjustable Rail and Stile Bit Sets come with shims and removable cutters that present four key advantages. First, door stock thickness isn't limited to 3/4-in. Premier Adjustable Rail and Stile Bits can handle a range of door thicknesses, from 5/8-in. up to 1-1/4 in. Second, by removing a cutter, you can extend the length of the tenons on the rails to build larger and stronger door frames. Panel-rattling is also overcome by adding or removing shims to vary the width of the door panel groove — from 7/32-in. to 3/8-in. Finally, optional cutters, sold separately, can extend the versatility of these bits to create glass-panel doors, double-sided door profiles and screen or storm doors. Currently, the bit set profiles include Roundover (99-760), Ogee (99-761), Roundover Bead (99-763) and Bevel (99-764). Later this year, a Shaker profile (99-762) will be added to the series. The price for each of the two-bit sets is $119.97. Or you can choose from 11 three-piece bit sets ($179.99) that also include a Quadra-cut Raised Panel Bit, DVD and instructional poster. Five-piece Premier Adjustable Rail and Stile Bit Sets provide a complete door-building solution: they include the rail and stile bits, a raised-panel bit plus a door lip bit and a reversible glue joint bit, along with a DVD and instructional poster. Five-piece sets sell for $263.99.

Freud Thin Kerf Premier Fusion Saw Blade

Freud promises to enhance the cutting performance of underpowered contractor or portable table saws while saving some material waste with the the new 10-in. Thin Kerf Premier Fusion Blades ($79.90 or $99.99). Thanks to a patent-pending "Fusion" tooth geometry that combines a special double side grind shape with a Hi Alternate Top Bevel cutting angle, the blades are designed to deliver glass-smooth surfaces on cut faces as well as chip-free edges during both ripping and crosscutting applications. Anti-vibration design and a non-stick Perma-SHIELD™ coating are two more features that improve cutting precision and reduce the need for blade cleaning.

Freud Adjustable Tongue and Groove Bit System

If you're tired of compensating for the tearout that can happen across end grain when routing the tongues of tongue and groove joints, Freud's new Tongue and Groove Bit System (99-036) is designed to solve this limitation. Unlike other tongue cutters with straight edges that pull wood fibers and create tearout, Freud's solution is a unique opposing shear cutter geometry that slices wood fibers at an angle, leaving crisp edges. The bits are also adjustable with included shims, so you can work with stock ranging from 1/2-in. up to 1-1/4 in. Tongue thickness is also variable, from 7/32-in. to 3/8-in. Freud's TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide and Silver I.C.E. coating also promise to extend the service life of these bits, which sell for $79.99.