Make a Tough-as-Nails Worktop with Your Router

Freud Thin Kerf Premier Fusion

Freud delivers enhanced cutting performance of underpowered contractor or portable table saws while saving some material waste with the new 10-in. Thin Kerf Premier Fusion Blades ($79.90 or Full Kerf $99.99). Thanks to a patent-pending "Fusion" tooth geometry that combines a special double side grind shape with a Hi Alternate Top Bevel cutting angle, the blades are designed to deliver glass-smooth surfaces on cut faces as well as chip-free edges during both ripping and crosscutting applications. Anti-vibration design and a non-stick Perma-SHIELD™ coating are two more features that improve cutting precision and reduce the need for blade cleaning.

Premier Adjustable Rail and Stile Bit in New Shaker Profile

Freud's patented Premier Adjustable Rail and Stile router bit system is a simple, easy-to-use two piece solution that allows you unlimited creative freedom in frame and panel door construction. This unique system allows you to create extended tenons for extra door joint strength, adjust groove width for different panel thicknesses and choose from a variety of material thicknesses for your stiles and rails (5/8" to 1-1/4"). In addition, optional cutters (sold separately) can be added to create glass panel or double-sided profile doors. The current bit set profiles include Roundover (99-760), Ogee (99-761), Roundover Bead (99-763), Bevel (99-764), and a new Shaker profile (99-762). The price for each of the two-bit sets is $119.97.

New 1/4" Shank Quadra-Cut™ Router Bits

Freud expands its revolutionary, patented Quadra-Cut™ router bit design for flawless finish with no rework to key 1/4" shank profile bits (ranging from $30 to $60). Until now, this unique, award-winning four-cutter design was only offered in 1/2" shank router bits. These one-of-a-kind router bit designs employ four cutting edges, versus the industry standard of two, for a flawless finish especially in end grain where pesky wood fibers on the top surface can resist cutting and require sanding to remove. Look for them this December.

Enhanced Ultimate Plywood and Melamine Saw Blades

Freud will introduce a new & improved Ultimate Plywood and Melamine series this December. Freud is launching this new enhanced version with an Axial Shear Face™ Grind. This is an angled face grind to cleanly shear through the material for a superior quality finish, less operator effort and optimized feed rate. This is the first time the complex combination of Hi-ATB tooth grind with Axial Shear Face™ Grind will be offered to deliver extremely clean cuts in veneer plywood, melamine and solid wood crosscuts. These blades will be available in 7-1/4" 60-tooth, 10" 80-tooth, and 12" 96-tooth sizes.