Make a Chinese Checkerboard with a CNC Router

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Invented in Germany, this strategy-based board game is fun for young and old alike. Here we offer free downloadable programming for an 18-inch-diameter game board.

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While there is nothing tremendously tricky about making a Chinese checkerboard, there are over 120 holes that need to be drilled accurately. If you are of a mind, you can use the template and supplies listed below to make the game board by hand. Or, if you own a CNC router, you can use the free .tap files (and .crv files) available for download here, and have your machine make the piece.

Drilling the 121 holes in the playing field area of the game board is the perfect CNC task: it provides accurate depth and location for every single hole. We used quartersawn Douglas fir for our Chinese checkerboard, but any hardwood or clear softwood would do just as well.

Below, find a drawing of the checkerboard and a list of products to make the piece the old-fashioned way should you choose to do so. There are also colored marbles to make up the playing pieces on any board you choose to make.

Chinese Checkers Pattern
Click Here to download the PDF drawing of the Checkerboard.

Product List
Marbles: Set of 60, six different colors #41015 $4.59
Chinese Checkers Drilling Template #34515 $49.99
Marble Drilling Bit (to be used with Template above) #41463 $26.49

Go to and click on the store tab to purchase.

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