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How Do I Get Entered to Win the Cool Prizes?

Take the survey you receive in your e-mail. Sending us back the survey enters you into the drawing. It’s that simple.

But I Thought the Surveys Were Anonymous. How Do You Know It’s Me to Give Me a Tool?

The surveys are anonymous. A unique numerical identifier gets attached to your e-mail address; another one gets attached to the survey you fill out. When you send the survey back, these numerical identifiers get separated: the survey goes off to be tabulated with data from all the other surveys, and the e-mail ID goes into a big electronic “vat” from which we draw names for tool winners. Then, after the winners have been identified, Woodworker’s Journal sends an e-mail to the addresses picked saying, “Hey! You won! Who are you, and where do we send the tool?” -- since the e-mail from that big electronic vat is the only way we have to identify you.

To repeat: the surveys are anonymous. But you do have a chance to win a tool.

How Come I Never Win Anything, Even Though I’ve Filled Out All the Surveys?

Well, that could be because there are literally thousands of other woodworkers who are also participating in these surveys, and also hoping to win a tool. Your time may come. Meanwhile, think good thoughts. Do good deeds. It can’t hurt.

Betcha Won’t Give Me Anything If I’m in Canada, Eh?

Not true, our northern friends: just take a look at the list of winners on another page of this site: there’s even an Aussie on there. We’re interested in the opinions of woodworkers worldwide, potentially even galaxy-wide...note, however, that if you win a tool while you’re living on Mars, we just may ask you to pick up the shipping costs.