For Rockler, Innovation Still Trumps Imitation

We all know that old adage about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. But it’s a notion that’s always struck me as a hollow compliment at best. In my experience, it’s much, much harder to create than it is to duplicate.

I was reminded of this just two weeks ago while attending IWF — a biannual woodworking trade show and one of the largest in the country. Here’s a textbook example from that trip of how quickly certain companies will jump onto the bandwagon of a good idea.

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Special Blog Coverage: IWF Woodworking Show

One international extravaganza may have ended earlier this month, but the International Woodworking Fair is going strong in Atlanta. And you know, of course, who brings you the gold medal quality woodworking news: the Woodworker’s Journal team is on the ground, sending dispatches on new tools, industry news and more.

You can watch the tools in action on our blog specially dedicated to the IWF show. We’re now in our fourth year of blogging from the floor of the year’s big tool event, with videos for your tool-viewing pleasure. Find all of our coverage of IWF at the Woodworker’s Journal IWF 2012 Blog here.

Woodworking for Comics Fans

Wooden MustacheWhen most people hear about San Diego Comic-Con, their thoughts immediately go to the halcyon days of buying Superman and Spider-Man’s latest adventures for a quarter at the corner store. And while there’s still a piece of that history alive on the floor of the San Diego Convention Center, Comic-Con has expanded far past that.

From Hollywood features to the latest games and gadgets to, yes, woodworking, there’s a little bit of something for everyone at this yearly event. It has become an all encompassing event for hobbyists of all interests and backgrounds, and the company Geek Chic is taking the forefront at bringing quality woodworking to the geek audience.

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