Closer Look at Our Full-featured Miter Saw Station

Chris Marshall shows us around his Ultimate Miter Saw Station, featured in the June 2010 issue of Woodworker’s Journal magazine.

Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to the enormous amount of interest in this project, we have made the Ultimate Miter Saw Stand (including the plans for the entire project and the optional Scrap Bins, as well as the Cutting List) available as a Downloadable Plan in our online store. Click here to purchase and receive the plan immediately!

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255 thoughts on “Closer Look at Our Full-featured Miter Saw Station

  1. Hello Chris,

    I saw this in December and ordered the issue with the plans and ended up getting a 2 year subscription. At the time though, you were not offering the cutting plans. I am now getting ready to build this thing and now I see that you are offering the cutting plans with the downloadable plans. Can you send me a copy or do I have to rebuy the plans? Thanks in advance!

  2. Jake,

    Just sent you a copy of that cutting list to your email address. Thanks for inquiring about the project!


  3. Hello Chris,

    I had seen your video on “Ultimate Miter Saw Station” and had tried to order a back issue of May/June 2010 with no success. Your plans are not available either nor is the 2010 DVD. Is there any hope of getting your plans?
    Much Aloha,

  4. Dave,

    Here’s a link to the 2010 Woodworker’s Journal Annual CD of print issues, which contains the Ultimate Miter Saw Station (June issue) along with every other project we published that year:

    Or, if you want to buy just the plans for the Miter Saw Station, here’s the link you need to order them:

    Thanks for writing in!



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