MicroFence’s Rich Wedler and Friends “Sawing” Holiday Tunes

With the holidays in full swing, and workshops in at least some parts of the country now covered in snow, it’s high time to crank up those old familiar Christmas standbys. As you are working your way through your last-minute gift projects — and maybe burning some midnight oil in the process — here are a couple of holiday tunes we recently ran across on Micro Fence’s website to help keeps spirits bright (click here).

Rich Wedler, company founder, is not only a brilliant inventor of precision aftermarket router accessories, but he’s also an accomplished musician. We sure didn’t know he could tame a hand saw as well as a guitar! In any event, we’d thought we’d pass along his holiday cheer, in case you don’t receive Micro Fence newsletters or have his site bookmarked.

Enjoy your gift-making efforts and all the happy results that come from pursuing this fine craft. We’re sure you’ll agree that sharing a hand-made gift is one of the greatest satisfactions there is to woodworking.

Happy holidays from all of us at Woodworker’s Journal!

Chris Marshall
Field Editor


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