Pine Chest

With so many readers saying one of their favorite parts about woodworking is giving their projects away to loved ones and strangers alike, it’s no surprise that this project ended up as a wedding gift (and with little time to spare).

Here are some pictures of a pine chest I made for my daughters wedding in October. As you can see it is lined with cedar on the inside and has oak slats on the outside. The brass hardware is solid cast brass and the hinges, handles and hasp are all hand forged (by various artisans around the country). Sorry for the background in these pictures, but as you might imagine, I was working on it up until three days before the wedding, and then it was loaded into the back of my pickup for an 800 mile ride.

- Steve Pedersen; El Cerrito, California

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

pine chest front

pine chest corner

pine chest top back

pine chest open

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