Cedar Birdhouse

While most of our feathered friends have flown south for the winter, now is a perfect time to make some birdhouses for when they return!

I have attached two photos of a bird house that I constructed for our garden.

The structure is built from recycled cedar fencing and the openings are covered with a strip of aluminum to prevent other animals from entering.

I used drop ceiling hardware to support the wire for the birds to sit on. The roof of the house is slate that I salvaged from a house many years ago, the front panels are screwed to the main carcass and can be removed for cleaning.

I supposed these structures are built for purple martins but I will accept any tenants.

– A.G. Harry Bergsma; Coldstream, Ontario, Canada

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

Birdhouse 1

Birdhouse 2

Still Skidding

Who knew there were so many uses for pallets? You do, and the comments prove it.

Who knew there were so many uses for pallets? You do, and the comments prove it.

What a nice response we’ve had from you folks to our recent blog post about turning skids into usable lumber (“Skid Row”). Looks like we tapped into a good topic here. Keep your comments and suggestions coming in, please!

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus lately from the blog to get a big tool review ready for the January print issue of the magazine. And, aside from a lot of heavy lifting to hit that deadline, it’s added a third floor to my growing tower of skids outside the shop. Looks like it’s time to start cutting some of them up and figuring out what to build…

In that regard, I thought it might be fun to tally up all the many ways you have commented that you use skid lumber. Hopefully you’ll give the rest of us some good ideas for turning pallets into projects:

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