Apothecary Cabinet

This stunning piece showcases some beautiful stock, wonderful details, and spot-on hardware selection.

I have attached pictures of  an apothecary cabinet I just completed.  The primary wood is bubinga.  The internal wood is baltic birch.  Drawer face fronts are 2″ x 3 5/8″.  The Chinese characters are handcarved into the face fronts and filled with Rockler’s wonder wood filler.  Finish is danish oil and General Finishes satin poly blend. The bottom cabinet is lined with Chinese calligraphy.

– Robert Topness

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The Artful Codger

Bubinga DetailI have to admit that I like art. A beautiful photograph, a lovely piece of sculpture, or a well-done painting – I have all of those in various places in my house. Of course, one of my paintings is of pointing dogs, another of an old train engine – they strike my fancy. As the saying goes, art – like beauty – is where you find it.

The reason I bring this up is that, a while ago, I found a really interesting looking piece of wood – it was cut from the outer aspect of a huge bubinga log. The tree was a monster, almost 400 years old, and for that reason, this piece – which contained bark and exposed sapwood – was able to be sawn flat. The shape of the bark remnants and the graphic nature of the exposed wood kept bringing me back to the piece … but I could think of no really good way to make use of it. Then it struck me: it looked like an abstract painting. So I bought the piece of wood, took it to my workshop, and got busy.

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