The Errors of Our Ways

To err is human. Now there’s a bromide that could have been written by a woodworker—it’s certainly true in my shop.

And there are many others we’ve adopted. Did you see our recent bromide contest in the eZine, or the many responses that followed from it? It’s funny how many of them have to do with coping with those inevitable, frustrating and sometimes costly mistakes we all make at one time or another.

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Stained Glass Workbench & Storage Cabinet

Reader Bill Roberts sent in this workbench and storage cabinet for working with stained glass.  The vertical slots for glass storage, drawers for tool storage, and lots of workspace would be welcome in any stained glass enthusiast’s workspace.

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

Stained Glass Cabinet

Stained Glass Cabinet - Open

Workbench Storage Cabinet

Reader Bill Roberts sent in some photos of this great workbench and storage cabinet.

This is a workbench and storage cabinet I made for my brother. It was made out of pieces of lumber left over from a cabinet shop that went out of business. It has red oak and maple doors & drawer fronts,the top is out of a luann interior door. I cut the panels off and sandwiched them over cork sheets. The case, dividers, and drawers are made out of plywood.

- Bill Roberts

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Matt Becker
Content Coordinator

Workbench & Storage Cabinet 1

Workbench & Storage Cabinet 2

February Issue Sneak Peek

SHARPENINGCARTIn case you’re taking the week off between Christmas and New Year’s, you’re in luck! The February print issue of Woodworker’s Journal is on its way and should arrive while you’re enjoying the holiday respite. We’ll help fill that free time with some fresh woodworking goodness! Here’s the inside scoop on what we think is a great new issue.

Four Solid Projects: Ian Kirby presents a stylish Dinette Set that should fit neatly into a smaller kitchen or breakfast nook. He’s keeping the lumber budget affordable here, using longleaf pine instead of more costly hardwood alternatives. Butt joints, glue and screws will keep this project straightforward to build, as well. Or, you can work off some of those holiday calories building Frank Grant’s Sharpening Cart—a clever unit for sharpening all of your turning tools. It features a three-drawer cabinet, metal worksurface and two tip-out racks for keeping those gouges and chisels within easy reach. And, Kenneth Minnaert builds a handsome Weekend Tambour Gift Box from contrasting wood scraps. It presents itself as well as any gift you’ll hide inside it! All three projects include measured drawings and step-by-steps to help you along.

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