Signing Off…In a Manner of Speaking

SIGNINGWORK1Last Christmas I asked my wife for a branding iron. You’ve probably seen them before in woodworking catalogs. I decided that if I had one, I’d be more inclined to sign my projects. It’s not that I’ve never signed my stuff before. I usually put my initials and a date on the bottoms of turnings. Somehow they seem more like signature pieces than, say, a table or cabinet. But, most of my larger woodworking projects have left the shop without any initials whatsoever.

Truth be told, I’m not really a “grandstanding” sort of guy. I wasn’t that kid in school with his hand up first, and I didn’t cut in front of the lunch line. Even now, I’m still pretty content to take my turn when it comes. Signing woodworking projects has seemed a bit, well, forward of me. So, that branding iron has sat in my tool chest unused for most of this past year.

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