What’s Your Tool Review Wish List?

Magazines are a funny business when it comes to keeping track of time. Here at Woodworker’s Journal, we’re waiting for the December issue to hit the mail—(that’s happening real soon, by the way). In the meantime, we’re deep into production on the January 2011 issue, despite the fact that it isn’t even mid October yet. That’s how publishing goes. Sometimes, between print assignments, our eZine tasks and planning ahead, I forget exactly which month I’m currently in. My wife, however, won’t accept “job” as a reason for my forgetfulness. She’s convinced these are actually the onset of “senior” moments…

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Are You Scrap Savvy?

Woodworkers are no strangers to burgeoning scrap bins. What's your favorite way to thin this heard??

Woodworkers are no strangers to burgeoning scrap bins. What's your favorite way to thin this herd?

If you’re a regular eZine reader, I’m sure you’re familiar with our rather dubious but always proudly delivered “April Fool’s” edition. We staffers look forward to putting that together every year, even if some of you wish we didn’t! Last time around, I poked fun at what I’ll call our collective penchant for hoarding scraps—and I’m definitely including myself in that roast. Maybe you missed my announcement for a new support group for “stick” savers, so here’s a link:


I hate to throw those little offcuts away, just as much as you probably do. And, these days, I’ll wager my next paycheck (thankfully I’m still getting one…) that we’re all keeping a bigger pile of them around the shop than ever before. The corollary problem to keeping too many bits and pieces, however, is not using enough of them. I suffer from this one, too. My pile under the miter saw just keeps on growing.

So, here’s the question for you: How are you turning scraps into useful projects?

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