Adirondack Loveseat

This reader-submitted project shows once again that great projects can come from wood that someone else might call “trash”.

I built this adirondack style loveseat out of reclaimed redwood,  It had previously been someone’s deck.  Lot’s of rot, dirt, nails, screws, and loose knots had to be dealt with.  This project is based on Norm Abram’s plan, but I’ve made the back a bit taller and the material a bit thicker.

- Dean Morrell

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Matt Becker
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Adirondack Loveseat

Old Dresser Gets Facelift For New Look

This reader freshened up a pretty plain-looking dresser into a much more interesting piece.

These are ‘Before’ & ‘After’ shots of our dressers. Basically used only the carcass of the old dressers we bought many years ago from an unfinished store and made new tops, drawers and added trim pieces. All the new stuff is recycled fir and ebony. – Casey Carver

Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

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Dresser - Before

Dresser - After

April Issue Uncovered

Despite the snowy prospects here in Minnesota, it’s time to think spring. To that end, we’re happy to announce that the April print issue of Woodworker’s Journal is headed to your mailbox and should be arriving shortly. With any luck, it will bring us all warmer weather and longer days! Here’s a quick look at some of the great new content you’ll find inside:

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Not So Serious Business

Most of my projects don’t get many laughs. Or at least, I don’t intend them to.

I bet you’re probably in the same boat. We woodworkers spend a lot of time thinking about form, function, good technique, the right material choices, durability, safety and so forth. Most projects have an intended and practical purpose. And, I think those are all good aims. Materials are expensive, and shop time is often pretty short. Not to mention the fact that if you actually make your living—or even part of it—from the furniture or cabinetry you build, there’s not a lot of room for funny business. You follow your plans, turn out good work and move on to the next challenge. Get ‘er done.

That’s why some lighthearted woodworking is a really nice change of pace to see now and again. Take, for instance, this little YouTube gem a friend of mine sent me recently:

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Pivot-Hinge End Table

Here’s a couple of pictures of a corner table I made -
Cherry, tiger maple, birch burl.
Les Thede, Ada, OH

These photos of a unique pivot-hinge end table come from Les Thede of Ada, OH

Here’s a couple of pictures of a corner table I made: Cherry, tiger maple, birch burl.

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Matt Becker
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