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Grizzly Adds New Tool Comparison Feature to Website

January 4th, 2013 by

Grizzly ChartIf 2013 is your year to buy a new stationary tool, and Grizzly is one of the companies you’re considering for that purchase, they’ve just added a slick new search feature that could make the process quite easy. It’s a machinery comparison chart widget that generates an instant side-by-side cross-reference for up to four Grizzly machines at once.


June 2011 Issue Preview

April 18th, 2011 by
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Red-wing blackbirds are back, the daffodils are up and my grass is just about ready to mow. Dare I say it, but spring has finally arrived. But warmer weather and longer days aren’t the only things you have to look forward to: our brand-new June 2011 print issue is nearly at your doorstep. It’s packed (as always!) with fresh content to keep you busy right on through to Memorial Day and beyond. For a quick preview of what’s in store, here’s a short video that covers the highlights. Hope you enjoy the new issue!

Catch you in the shop.

Chris Marshall, Field Editor

What’s Your Tool Review Wish List?

October 8th, 2010 by

Magazines are a funny business when it comes to keeping track of time. Here at Woodworker’s Journal, we’re waiting for the December issue to hit the mail—(that’s happening real soon, by the way). In the meantime, we’re deep into production on the January 2011 issue, despite the fact that it isn’t even mid October yet. That’s how publishing goes. Sometimes, between print assignments, our eZine tasks and planning ahead, I forget exactly which month I’m currently in. My wife, however, won’t accept “job” as a reason for my forgetfulness. She’s convinced these are actually the onset of “senior” moments…


Bigger Isn’t Always Better

July 12th, 2010 by

Last week, while making some parts for our September issue’s Jigs & Fixtures project, I needed to drill some holes through a stack of plywood. I was using a little benchtop drill press to do the job. While it chomped quietly through those holes, it reminded me of how handy a little benchtop drill press is.


What’s New in the August Issue

June 28th, 2010 by

We publishing folks live and die by the “master calendar,” and according to ours here at Woodworker’s Journal, the August print issue is off the press and in the mail. You should be receiving your copy any day now. So, in between cutting the grass, angling for bass or getting those summer woodworking projects going, be sure to give your new magazine a close look. It’s chock-full of summer sizzlers you won’t want to miss:


The Value of Roughing It

October 16th, 2009 by
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There are cheaper ways to buy quality stock that with bar codes on it, but you'll have to tool up to make the most of those savings.

There are cheaper ways to buy quality stock than with bar codes on it, but you'll have to tool up to make the most of those savings.

When I started woodworking, and my tool budget was really lean, I bought my boards from the home center. It seemed logical to shop there. They were already surfaced, and that was necessary because I didn’t have a jointer and planer. Plus, I could see the knots, pitch pockets and splits easily, which gave me some confidence that I was finding the best of what was available.

I’d dig through the stack looking for the straight stuff. Usually I could find a few good pieces. If I couldn’t, I’d settle for less and live with some twisting and cupping. I didn’t like it, but what could I do? Even then I knew I was spending too much money on that wood. And, I was.