Reader-Submitted Custom Frame

While this reader project submission came in before our recent “Five Good Reasons to Get Framed” blog post, it’s a great example of what Chris had in mind:

This is a frame I built for my brother-in-law after he moved out of state.  It was meant to help him remember his time here in the great state of Oregon.

I was very impressed by the figure of this oak. It has a simple style, with no mitering necessary… and by the way, the corner inset details are faux, not functional, just for the added interest to the piece they provided.

- Curt Hadley; Medford, OR

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

Picture Frame

Splinter: A Supercharged Study in Wooden Design

All Images courtesy Joe Harmon Design.

All images courtesy Joe Harmon Design and used by permission.

If wood is strong enough for a bridge and light enough for a speedboat or airplane wing, why not use it to build a high-performance supercar?

This sort of thinking must have kept Joe Harmon, an Industrial Design graduate student of North Carolina State University, up late at night, because that’s exactly what he set out to do for his graduate project: build a fully functional, supercharged automobile almost entirely out of wood.

Yep, wood.

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