Products for Safer Sawing

No matter how many years I’ve used a table saw, my blood still runs cold when I think about the potential for a kickback that leads to injury. Thank goodness it hasn’t happened to me. But, others in our community haven’t been so fortunate. You don’t have to search woodworking forums for too long before you’ll find direct proof. The scary photos and war stories are definitely out there. There’s no debating the fact that kickback is one of the leading causes of table saw accidents. We all know it, but what are we doing in our shops to prevent it?

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A Different Kind of Wood Saw

This clever submission caught my eye, especially given this comment about wooden saw replicas on our extremely popular Cabinet Saw Caption post.

I always wanted a wood saw so I made one.

- Darryl Sackmann; Montrose, Colorado

I’m a little curious how it would handle cutting some rock-hard maple…

If you’ve got projects you’d like to share, click here to send them in.

Matt Becker
Content Coordinator

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Top 20 Clever Captions

Those of you who’ve submitted captions to our cabinet saw photo have proven this: woodworkers can take a goofy photo and made something good of it. At well over 100 captions submitted—and counting—it’s clear we’ve got a collective funnybone!

I’ve been wanting to pick a “Top Ten” list, but between the captions posted to our Facebook page and here on the blog, there are too many good ones for just ten fingers. (And despite all those cabinet saws, I still have ten to count with.) So, with Matt Becker’s help—he’s got all ten digits, too—we’ve picked 20 of the funniest ones. If yours didn’t make the cut (yeah, couldn’t help that one), it’s nothing personal. These just made us laugh out loud…but there were plenty of chuckles and smiles for the rest.

See if you agree:

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Jerry Seinfeld Who?

Stuffed shop or situation comedy? Looks like both to you.

Who knew that a bunch of shop rats could be so darn funny?

Your response to Matt Becker’s request for Cabinet Saw Captions has been OFF THE CHARTS! And we couldn’t be happier about it. The numbers keep clicking higher as your rapier wit unleashes itself. Do you think we can top 150 captions before the comedy runs cold?

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Gotta Clever Cabinet Saw Caption?

When Field Editor Chris Marshall sent us this photo of the collection of Cabinet Saws in his shop preparing for the review you’ll find in our February issue, the completely ridiculous image just begged for a fun caption.

My entry? “A cabinet saw bomb went off in my shop!”

Got a better one?  Leave it in the Comments section and let’s see what our clever readers can come up with!

Matt Becker
Content Coordinator


So Many Reasons for Thanks

FALL2009RESIZEDIt’s pre-dawn on Thanksgiving morning as I write this. The sun is just starting to color the eastern sky, and the house is still quiet. I’ve downed my first cup of coffee, and the cranial hard drive is coming up to speed. All in all, a very good time to reflect on things.

While I’m generally not one to wax poetic, I also don’t spend enough time thinking about the many good fortunes I have and actually verbalizing them. The simplest things are the easiest to overlook, especially in the frenetic pace we tend to live our lives.

So, here goes…a few personal reasons for thanks:

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Loaning Tools: What’s Your Take?

Ryan's advice about loaning tools? Borrowers to pony up when they pick up.

Ryan's advice about loaning tools? Borrowers should pony up when they pick it up.

A big sawdusty thanks to all of you who left comments about the recent blog post “Got Rules for Your Tools?”. I think we woodworkers are a pretty organized, attention-to-details sort of bunch. So it came as no surprise that you folks would have some rules to live by in your shop. Still waiting to hear from some of you that don’t choose to keep the place spotless. Maybe us neatniks are missing something…

Aside from being a kick to read, your “rules” also had me nodding yes. No goofing off. Keep wet beverages off the table saw. Wear your shoes in the shop. Keep things sorted. Goggles on or you’re gone.

Yep. Check. Agreed. (Guess there’s some shop teacher genes in many of us.)

But, I’ve just got to call attention to a topic raised by Ryan, in his response:

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Woodworking in Tough Times

Despite a bearish economy, great woodworking products are all around us—and many new products are right around the corner.

Despite a bearish economy, great woodworking products are all around us—and many new offerings are right around the corner.

These days, it feels like the “Great Recession” is never going to end, doesn’t it? Jobless rates are up, banks are on the ropes and home values are still falling through the floor. Tough times all around.

But, despite some huge potholes on this road to recovery, the woodworking industry is still forging ahead. Lots of new Lithium-Ion tools are in the pipeline. Better and safer table saws are already here. High-quality hardware and supplies are perpetually coming to market from names you trust. And, of course, there’s lots of good lumber on the rack at your local supplier. Rob Johnstone has called the past 10 years or so the “Golden Age” of woodworking, and I think he’s still right about that, even now.

So, I can’t help but wonder, how is the recession impacting your woodworking? Are you putting off a large tool purchase this year, or are you taking the plunge anyway to grab the best new features—or an incredible sale price? How about lumber decisions? Are you still buying hardwood this summer, or are you bringing more pine and plywood home instead? Maybe you’ve found other creative solutions to keep the lumber rack full—portable sawmills, home kiln-drying, and that sort of thing. Some woodworkers band together and buy a bunch of lumber to get a volume price, then split up the cost. I know I’m digging deeper into the scrap bin than I used to and throwing less onto my burn pile. It just makes sense.

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