Taking Skids to a Whole New Level

I know, Teri, this is skid abuse... I should have my shop keys taken away from me for a week!

Last fall, I wrote a post to pick your brains about what you do, if anything, with skid lumber. You followed through with some really good ideas and funny commentary! Since then, we continue to get new followers that happen across that post and add their own comments. Much appreciated!

Well, just the other day Teri Kent posted what has to be the longest project list for skid lumber I’ve ever seen! It deserves downright accolades in my book, and when you read it, I think you’ll agree. Teri is the Zen Master of Clever Skiddery.

Here it is:

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Closer Look at Our Full-featured Miter Saw Station

Chris Marshall shows us around his Ultimate Miter Saw Station, featured in the June 2010 issue of Woodworker’s Journal magazine.

Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to the enormous amount of interest in this project, we have made the Ultimate Miter Saw Stand (including the plans for the entire project and the optional Scrap Bins, as well as the Cutting List) available as a Downloadable Plan in our online store. Click here to purchase and receive the plan immediately!

Good Woodworking for a Good Work

Earlier this week, Marc Spagnolo – AKA. The Wood Whisperer – contacted me and told me of an effort that he helped lead for charity.  He and 67 woodworkers, organized through the Woodworker’s Fighting Cancer charity, built and sold tables to benefit the American Cancer Society. The tables were just super to look at and the result of their effort was an amazing $8,000 donated to the American Cancer Society. As Marc asked me in his email, “How awesome is that?”  My answer: truly awesome indeed.

Fighting cancer is an effort that is near and dear to those of us at the Woodworker’s Journal. About one year ago, my wife of 30 years, Maggie Ward, passed away from a particularly aggressive form of cancer. It was eight months from diagnosis to her passing.  Sadly, and ironically, a year before that, our publisher Larry Stoiaken’s wife – Margaret Mary Carroll – had passed away from ovarian cancer. Both of them were gone too young and left behind a host of grieving family and friends.

So we heartily commend Marc and his fellow woodworkers for the excellent work that they did for a truly good cause. To see a goodwill effort like theirs succeed so well is a heartwarming event. Check out a video of some of the woodworkers and their tables by clicking here.

Rob Johnstone
Editor in Chief
Woodworker’s Journal

Maggie Ward

Woodworker's Journal Editor in Chief's wife, Maggie Ward, and her dog Cullen

Margaret Mary Carroll

Woodworker's Journal Publisher's wife, Margaret Mary Carroll

April Issue Uncovered

Despite the snowy prospects here in Minnesota, it’s time to think spring. To that end, we’re happy to announce that the April print issue of Woodworker’s Journal is headed to your mailbox and should be arriving shortly. With any luck, it will bring us all warmer weather and longer days! Here’s a quick look at some of the great new content you’ll find inside:

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Quicker Dado Blade Set-ups

Label your blades and chippers, then keep track of combinations that you use often on cards you keep in your dado blade case.

Label your blades and chippers, then keep track of combinations that you use often on cards you keep in your dado blade case.

Well, this week I’ll be pulling out my dado blade and cutting some shelf dadoes for a big case goods project that will run in our June 2010 issue. Of course I’ll want to set it up accurately to cut nice, tight dadoes on my undersized plywood. It’s a  job that reminds me of a post I wrote last September. In case you didn’t see it then, I’d like to offer up a couple of tricks to make the set-up process faster and easier. They’ve come in awful handy for me.

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A Different Kind of Wood Saw

This clever submission caught my eye, especially given this comment about wooden saw replicas on our extremely popular Cabinet Saw Caption post.

I always wanted a wood saw so I made one.

– Darryl Sackmann; Montrose, Colorado

I’m a little curious how it would handle cutting some rock-hard maple…

If you’ve got projects you’d like to share, click here to send them in.

Matt Becker
Content Coordinator

PS – You’ll see a little less activity on our main blog this week because we’ll be at the International Builder’s Show in Las Vegas.  Click here to follow our coverage of the show!

Wooden Memory Quilt

This reader’s submission started out as a comment on the “Whaddja Give? Whaddja Get?” post on what our readers gave or got as holiday gifts.  Chris Marshall was intrigued and followed up by asking for a photo to be sent in.

I made a Wooden Memory Quilt for my sister-in-law for Christmas. Each square has a special meaning.

Intarsia, segmentation, inlay, and fretwork make up the squares.  I used patterns designed by others for the squares  to design my own quilt.

The quilt measures 3’ x 4’. I used a protective gel varnish.

I have been working with wood for about 3 years and love it. A new band saw and router this year for Christmas; can’t wait to see what comes out of the woodshed next.

– Angie Gryder Gregg; Blowing Rock, NC

Have you got projects you’d like to see on our site?  Click here to send them in!

Matt Becker
Content Coordinator

Frank Lloyd Wright Wall Sconce

Randy Price of Illinois sent in these photos and the following explanation:

This is a sconce I built based on a design by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Francis W. Little residence in Wayzata, MN. The house has been demolished but the living room containing four of the sconces exists in the The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

My version is made of walnut with rice paper shades and is 32” tall and 7” wide

Click here to send in a project (or two … or ten) of your own.  We’re always looking for more!

Matt Becker
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Pivot-Hinge End Table

Here’s a couple of pictures of a corner table I made -
Cherry, tiger maple, birch burl.
Les Thede, Ada, OH

These photos of a unique pivot-hinge end table come from Les Thede of Ada, OH

Here’s a couple of pictures of a corner table I made: Cherry, tiger maple, birch burl.

Have you got a project you’d like to share?  Click here to send it in!

Matt Becker
Content Coordinator



Queen Anne Dressing Table & Chair

Here is the picture of a little Queen Ann Dressing Table and Chair that I made for my Granddaughter. It is made from Walnut Wood with a Tung Oil Finish.
Hope you like

Charles R.


From reader Charles R. Jenkins:

Here is the picture of a little Queen Ann Dressing Table and Chair that I made for my Granddaughter. It is made from Walnut Wood with a Tung Oil Finish.

We’re always looking for more submissions, so click here to send in some of your own!

Matt Becker
Content Coordinator