Tiger Maple & Purpleheart Kitchen Table

In addition to the beautiful inlay and the two wood species’ contrasting colors, the coordination between the modified tusk tenons and the extension slide handles are incredible details not to be missed.

This is a kitchen table I made out of tiger maple and purpleheart. The purpleheart table legs kept splitting on me down the center so I decided to hide the splitting with tiger maple inlays to match the table top. I also made two foot long extensions for the table that attach with pegs to sliding boards that are concealed under the ends of the table top. Each extension has two folding legs for storage. The tiger maple top was finished with tung oil followed one week later with multiple coats of General Finishes, High Performance Water-Based Top Coat. The purpleheart legs and apron were finished only with the top coat.

– Stewart Shapiro; Newark, DE

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

kitchen table 1

kitchen table 2


kitchen table 3

kitchen table 4

kitchen table 5

June 2011 Issue Preview

Red-wing blackbirds are back, the daffodils are up and my grass is just about ready to mow. Dare I say it, but spring has finally arrived. But warmer weather and longer days aren’t the only things you have to look forward to: our brand-new June 2011 print issue is nearly at your doorstep. It’s packed (as always!) with fresh content to keep you busy right on through to Memorial Day and beyond. For a quick preview of what’s in store, here’s a short video that covers the highlights. Hope you enjoy the new issue!

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