Taking Skids to a Whole New Level

I know, Teri, this is skid abuse... I should have my shop keys taken away from me for a week!

Last fall, I wrote a post to pick your brains about what you do, if anything, with skid lumber. You followed through with some really good ideas and funny commentary! Since then, we continue to get new followers that happen across that post and add their own comments. Much appreciated!

Well, just the other day Teri Kent posted what has to be the longest project list for skid lumber I’ve ever seen! It deserves downright accolades in my book, and when you read it, I think you’ll agree. Teri is the Zen Master of Clever Skiddery.

Here it is:

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Old Dresser Gets Facelift For New Look

This reader freshened up a pretty plain-looking dresser into a much more interesting piece.

These are ‘Before’ & ‘After’ shots of our dressers. Basically used only the carcass of the old dressers we bought many years ago from an unfinished store and made new tops, drawers and added trim pieces. All the new stuff is recycled fir and ebony. – Casey Carver

Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

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Dresser - Before

Dresser - After

Closer Look at Our Full-featured Miter Saw Station

Chris Marshall shows us around his Ultimate Miter Saw Station, featured in the June 2010 issue of Woodworker’s Journal magazine.

Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to the enormous amount of interest in this project, we have made the Ultimate Miter Saw Stand (including the plans for the entire project and the optional Scrap Bins, as well as the Cutting List) available as a Downloadable Plan in our online store. Click here to purchase and receive the plan immediately!

Poker Chip Chest

Lots of great details in this chest make it a poker player’s dream.  Our office poker expert gave it a HUGE thumbs up.

This was a gift for a friend of a friend’s. They had made custom poker chips for Beagle’s Poker Room and wanted the chip inlaid into the lid of the chest. It will hold 2500 chips and has a hidden compartment behind the till.

Eddie Noland
Noland Woodworking

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

Poker Chip Chest - Inlay

Poker Chip Chest - Open

Good Woodworking for a Good Work

Earlier this week, Marc Spagnolo – AKA. The Wood Whisperer – contacted me and told me of an effort that he helped lead for charity.  He and 67 woodworkers, organized through the Woodworker’s Fighting Cancer charity, built and sold tables to benefit the American Cancer Society. The tables were just super to look at and the result of their effort was an amazing $8,000 donated to the American Cancer Society. As Marc asked me in his email, “How awesome is that?”  My answer: truly awesome indeed.

Fighting cancer is an effort that is near and dear to those of us at the Woodworker’s Journal. About one year ago, my wife of 30 years, Maggie Ward, passed away from a particularly aggressive form of cancer. It was eight months from diagnosis to her passing.  Sadly, and ironically, a year before that, our publisher Larry Stoiaken’s wife – Margaret Mary Carroll – had passed away from ovarian cancer. Both of them were gone too young and left behind a host of grieving family and friends.

So we heartily commend Marc and his fellow woodworkers for the excellent work that they did for a truly good cause. To see a goodwill effort like theirs succeed so well is a heartwarming event. Check out a video of some of the woodworkers and their tables by clicking here.

Rob Johnstone
Editor in Chief
Woodworker’s Journal

Maggie Ward

Woodworker's Journal Editor in Chief's wife, Maggie Ward, and her dog Cullen

Margaret Mary Carroll

Woodworker's Journal Publisher's wife, Margaret Mary Carroll

Workbench Storage Cabinet

Reader Bill Roberts sent in some photos of this great workbench and storage cabinet.

This is a workbench and storage cabinet I made for my brother. It was made out of pieces of lumber left over from a cabinet shop that went out of business. It has red oak and maple doors & drawer fronts,the top is out of a luann interior door. I cut the panels off and sandwiched them over cork sheets. The case, dividers, and drawers are made out of plywood.

- Bill Roberts

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Matt Becker
Content Coordinator

Workbench & Storage Cabinet 1

Workbench & Storage Cabinet 2

Chest of Drawers

This reader’s project submission comes all the way from the Mediterranean (unless there’s a town called Cyprus I’m not aware of…):

This is a double length chest of draws made for a customer with a turned bowl and spoon thrown in as a gift as I do on most of my projects. The chest is made of Swedish pine to match existing bedroom furnishings.

Peter Grice, Cyprus

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Matt Becker
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Chest of Drawers

Boat-Shaped Cradle

I was a little late getting this posted (it came in over the holidays), but I wanted to share this striking piece of work that I would guess even experienced boat builders would appreciate.

Here is a baby cradle that I just finished for my new nephew (Christmas present).  Many more hours than I had planned, but well worth the effort.

- Russ Oswald

I wouldn’t be surprised if the little one grows up being drawn to a life at sea …

Matt Becker
Content Coordinator

Bandsaw Jewelry Boxes

These bandsaw boxes caught my eye with the smooth curves and unique wood selection.

1.  Hickory
2.  Zebrawood
3.  Walnut Sapwood

Handcrafted by Dave and Kathy Dye
“Retired and recommending it”

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