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Oak Jewelry Box

October 11th, 2011 by

This reader’s project is a good example that even in great looking pieces, there are often decisions that we’ll make differently “next time.”

This is a jewelry box I made for my sister in Melbourne. It is the first of this type I have made and was done more as a trial piece. The carcass and lid frame are made of recycled silky oak which started life as a door frame in a government building. The lid panel is camphor laurel and the base is pine. I wouldn’t use the pine again but it was a trial piece. The dividers and interior boxes are silky oak.

- John Lear; Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

oak jewelry box 1

oak jewelry box 2

Adirondack Loveseat

July 30th, 2010 by

This reader-submitted project shows once again that great projects can come from wood that someone else might call “trash”.

I built this adirondack style loveseat out of reclaimed redwood,  It had previously been someone’s deck.  Lot’s of rot, dirt, nails, screws, and loose knots had to be dealt with.  This project is based on Norm Abram’s plan, but I’ve made the back a bit taller and the material a bit thicker.

- Dean Morrell

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Matt Becker
Internet Production Coordinator

Adirondack Loveseat