Laundry Table & Cabinet

With a project like this in the house, it almost makes you WANT to get the laundry done…

This is the built in laundry table / cabinet I made for our laundry room. The cabinet is 24″x74″ and is made from 3/4″ Birch plywood and red oak trim. The drawers are poplar with birch plywood bottoms and the drawer fronts are solid red oak strips laminated onto 1/2″ MDF, the base is 2×12 pine with a 1/4″ birch plywood skin, and the counter top is 25″x75″x2 black concrete backfilled with white Portland cement, polished and seal with food safe bees wax. The cabinet finish is 3 coats of satin General Finishes Arm-R-Seal. The entire unit weighs almost 400 lbs and had to be installed on site 1 piece at a time.

– Eric Ritschel; Jacksonville, FL

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laundry table

Never Underestimate a Good Trim Job

Definitely a "do over" miter joint here--it's not even close to closing.

Definitely a "do over" miter joint here--it's not even close to closing.

If you’re a trim carpenter by trade, and if you pride yourself on doing high-quality work, here’s a tip of my hat to you. You folks are the unsung woodworkers of the world.

I say this partially out of plain-old respect for the building trades, but also because my house is missing your expertise. This past summer my wife and I finally got around to painting our daughters’ bedrooms. I was in charge of “cutting in” around windows, doors and ceilings, so I spent quite a bit of time examining the moldings along the way. Let’s just say that the trimwork in those two bedrooms left a lot to be desired. To illustrate my point, here are several photos documenting what I saw up close. As you can see, the mitered window casings aren’t even close to touching. The chair rail in one bedroom has a scarf joint smack-dab in the middle of the wall, and were it not for copious amounts of putty, you could drive a small truck through it.  What an eyesore.

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