Chris’s Arts & Crafts Wine Cabinet

Chris’s Arts & Crafts Wine Cabinet

To date, this Arts & Crafts-inspired Wine Cabinet is the most extensive project I’ve built for our magazine. It was an ambitious undertaking for me back in 2003, but one I look back on really fondly. The construction drawings were done by hand, I built it in my two-car garage and (I’m not stretching the truth here) finished it in my dining room. Construction happened during the winter that year, and the shop was just too cold for finish to cure. So, I brought it inside, component by component. I bet my wife can still remember the dizzying fragrance of stain and varnish from that big cabinet wafting around the house.

While I have good memories of building this piece, I’m even happier that its owners are still displaying it proudly in their home today. In hindsight, that’s the real measure of success for me here.

– Chris Marshall, Field Editor

Editor’s Note: If you’d like to build this Wine Cabinet, you’re in luck! We have a downloadable plan of this project for sale; justĀ click here!

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