Re-Using Old Badge Holders

Re-Using Old Badge Holders

If you’re like me, you’ve got a pile of spring clips rescued from trade show badges that you couldn’t bear to throw out because “they must be useful for something.”

It turns out that the plastic snap-straps on these are just the right size to snap around a pencil, giving you an easy way to clip the pencil to your clipboard, or to a ruler, or to your shop apron, or to any other fairly thin object. No more wondering where you left that pencil, or losing it under other things.

Of course these could also be used to attach a spring clip to anything else of about the same diameter, or that can have a suitable hole punched through it. Might be a good way to hang a set of plans out of the way when not using them, if you punch a hole in a transparent plastic folder…They aren’t designed to hold a lot of weight, but they do work pretty well.

-Joe Kesselman

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