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Introducing Timber Cast

Desk with timber cast epoxy river

Live Edge Timber Co. is so proud to announce the exclusive launch of Timber Cast casting epoxy with Rockler. The product is now available in all Rockler stores across the USA as well as online.

Live wood slab with cracks filled with timber cast epoxy

Timber Cast casting epoxy features a quick gel time and cure time that will get your projects completed faster than ever. You can pour up to 2 inches at once and color pigments are included. The product is also self-leveling and available in kits sized from 750ml to 6L.

Close-up view of a timber cast epoxy pour

Use Timber Cast to create river tables, encapsulations, fill voids and so much more. Timber Cast works great with our Timber-Link connecting slabs and our live edge shelves. Check out rockler.com for all our Live Edge Timber Co. products.