Routing Techniques

Your Complete Precision Cutting Solution

Shaper Origin Workstation on workbench

Shaper Origin is the world’s first handheld CNC router. Designed for woodworkers, Origin is an ideal choice for anyone looking to add CNC capabilities to their shop without the learning curve, footprint and cost that a traditional CNC machine entails.

Origin tracks its location as you move it across your workpiece, making hundreds of microadjustments per second and keeping your cuts clean and precise.

And adding Workstation to Origin creates a Complete Cutting System with adaptable precision and fixturing that is capable of tackling virtually any project.

“Shaper Origin has been a game changer in my shop. What was difficult or impossible before is now easy!”
-Josh Podoll, Chop Wood Co.

Cutting with Shaper Origin Router

Gluing bench cut with Shaper Origin router

Create Custom Joinery

Putting together chair made with Shaper Origin router

● Cut tenons at any angle from 0-45 degrees
● Easy adjustments for tight fitting joints
● Eliminate tearout

Install Hardware with Ease

Hardware installed in hole cut by Shaper Origin router

● Precision alignment
● Tested templates from your favorite brands

Fully Portable

Cutting large complex piece with Shaper Origin Router

● Bring CNC to the job, not the other way around
● Easy to design on the fly with On-Tool CAD

If you’re looking for an accessible, intuitive way to add CNC precision to your shop, Origin + Workstation is the complete cutting solution for you!

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