Shaper Origin in use

Shaper Origin is a one-of-a-kind tool that combines precision cutting with the intimacy and mobility of a traditional hand tool. It’s a fundamentally game-changing approach to the technology of CNC woodworking. Shaper Origin brings the router to the workpiece rather than the other way around, and does so in an affordable and user-friendly way. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for woodshops, including making small parts safely, making one-of-a-kind templates that are created quickly and that are easily accessible, performing complex engravings on finished pieces, creating box joints and hinges with ease, and much more. And Origin performs these tasks with simple set-ups, as opposed to the painstaking setups that we’re used to: half a day to build jigs, and then using every machine in the shop in turn, all in order to make one intricate part.

While woodworkers have endless creativity, many of us are short on space and cash. This makes full-size CNC tempting but unfeasible for a lot of small shops. Shaper Origin packs that same digital precision and unlimited potential into a few feet of storage space. Because Origin is portable, affordable, and easy to learn, Origin decreases the investment in space, capital and learning curve that are associated with adding traditional CNC machines to your shop.


Shaper Workstation in Use

Shaper Workstation has been on the drawing board since the Shaper Origin was released in 2017 and was always intended to complete a revolutionary platform for handheld CNC. Shaper Workstation was designed to make iterative cutting operations simple and streamlined. Replacing many of the shopmade work-holders required in the past, the innovative fixture speeds setups for fine work, from joinery and box-making to inlay, small parts, and more, from the traditional to the yet-unimagined.

With Shaper Workstation, you’ll experience:

  • Reliable registration with indexing pins and a precision machined aluminum clamping face that keeps
    your workpiece trued and makes it easy to swap out similar workpieces without any finicky adjustments to your setup.
  • An adjustable shelf that lets you make simple and accurate adjustments to your workpiece height, ensuring that your cutting surface is level and your depth of cut is always precise.
  • Adaptable fixturing and removable support arms, giving you the freedom to fixture most any workpiece, no matter how unwieldy.


Preview of Shaper Origin and Workstation

If you’re a woodworker who has been put off by the learning curve and expense of a CNC machine, or if you already own a CNC machine and are frustrated by the limitations it imposes on your workpiece dimensions, you owe it to yourself to see what Workstation + Origin can do for you.

Order Shaper Origin + Workstation together and you can save $50 on the complete cutting system. New customers can place orders either online or through one of our 100+ dealers in the United States. When you place an order, your new Origin will ship the following business day; however, due to significant demand, fulfillment for all new pre-orders of Workstation is currently scheduled for October.