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Tormek T-8 Custom

Tormek T-8 Sharpening System

Rather than just offering a “one machine fits all,” makers can now create their own Tormek Sharpening System with the new T-8 Custom! The core of the T-8 Custom is the proven T-8 with its durable zinc housing and a motor so bombproof it comes with an 8-year warranty – including professional use! The T-8 Custom also comes standard with the Tormek Sharpening Handbook & DVD, Anglemaster, US-105 Support Bar, and Advanced Water Trough. The rest is up to you! You choose the grinding wheel(s), honing wheel(s), and finish it off with the jig(s) you need to get your job done!

EM-15 Edge Marker

Tormek edge angle marking system

A very common method to determine or duplicate an existing edge angle on a tool is to color the bevel and then adjust the support bar vertically until the stone evenly removes the marker. The new EM-15 Edge Marker is a high-quality alcohol-based marker with a chiseled tip that won’t easily rub off when it gets wet.

Tormek CW-220 – Composite Honing Wheel

Tormek CW 22 sharpening system honing wheel

Tormek recently introduced the new CW-220 as an alternative honing wheel for T-8/T-7/SuperGrind-2000 machines. The CW-220 is made from a soft composite material. Decades ago, Tormek set the standard in water-cooled sharpening systems featuring a grinding wheel on one side and a leather honing wheel on the other. The leather honing wheel produces amazingly sharp tools and gets better with age. But one advantage of the CW-220 is that it is a perfectly round, smooth honing surface ready to remove the bur and polish your tools right out of the box. Another advantage to the CW-220 is that it does not require additional honing compound. The CW-220 features an integrated polish and can be used dry, or it can be moistened with a wet sponge for smoother honing and fine polishing.

Tormek Case, Storage Trays and Kits

Tormek sharpening system carrying case

Tormek recently introduced the TC-800 Tormek Case along with the HTK-00, TNT-00 and
T8-00 – three custom die-cut EPP foam trays to store and protect your Tormek jigs and accessories. In addition, the popular HTK-806 (Hand Took Kit) and TNT-808 (Woodturner’s Kit) receive a significant increase in security and now arrive neatly packed in the TC-800 Tormek case.