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Woodturning techniques

The All New Revo 12|16 Midi Lathe

Enhance your turning capabilities with the 12|16 lathe from Laguna Tools. Designed to allow for maximum precision with the most intricate cutting-edge details.

Featuring PWM

PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation. Similar to how the fast switching of still pictures appears as a motion picture, PWM operates by switching the voltage on and off in rapid successions to produce a particular speed at maximum power. The use of a PWM controller vastly improves efficiency and torque at low- and mid-range speed and prevents torque loss under load. This allows the user to turn more consistently and with more confidence.

Standard Features Include:

Forward and Reverse Spindle Rotation, Double Sealed Upgraded Bearings, Patented Belt Change System, Quick Locking Handle on Tailstock Headstock and Banjo, 6mm Hardened 1045 Steel Leading Edge, Spring Loaded Spindle Lock, 24 Position Locking Indexing, Universal 1” Tool Rest Post,

Supermax Air Filtration Unit

Even the best dust collection system cannot prevent small airborne particles from circulating around a woodshop. The only way to combat these airborne particles is with a circulating air filtration unit.

Supermax Air Filtration Units are designed to recycle all of the air in a 20’x 20’x 8′ space up to 22 times per hour at its highest speed. It includes one (1) outer washable electrostatic filter with an inner filter that captures all particles larger than 1 micron ensuring clean air output. The unit come standard with automatic timing, remote start, and three airflow settings: 540, 730 or 1200 CFM.

Supermax 16-32 Drum Sander

The 16-32 Supermax Drum Sander is the newest member of the SuperMax Tools sanding family. Designed with new features to improve productivity, ease of use, and versatility.

Patented Quick Adjustment Lever: reduces set-up time.
Built-in DRO (digital read out): maintains material thicknesses to increase accuracy and quality.
Turbo Vented Dust Port: increases airflow to your dust collector by 15%.
Rear Placement of the Gear Motor: improves conveyor belt tracking.

These new features complement the same great features SuperMax Tools has provided for years.

Patented Fast Lever: allows quick adjustments for wide and narrow stock

INTELLISAND Technology: prevents gouging, damaging, or burning material.


The 18|CX follows the tradition of high-performance and reliability to be expected from a Laguna Tools Bandsaw.

The 18|CX is built with a 1.75HP, 110V motor and features variable speed control to cut through all types of metals, woods, and plastics with ease. The 100-3500 LFPM speed range, precision cast iron table, ceramic guides, braking system and optional mobility kit makes the 18|CX vertical band saw one of the most versatile sawing machines on the market today.