Another Use for Dental Molding

Another Use for Dental Molding

If you’re anything like me (and why wouldn’t you be?), you haven’t been to the dentist since you were knee high to a grasshopper. While I find the sound of the drill soothing, there’s no need to sit in that uncomfortable chair and have somebody sticking their grubby mitts in my pie hole. But also if you’re anything like me (and why would you be) you’ve lost all your teeth. Hey, it happens. But I’m a woodworker, and I’ve read up on a little thing called Dental Moldings. I built a miter sled and cut my teeth to size. Feel free to get creative, with your teeth. I went pretty standard, but if you want vampire dentals have at it! Anything goes. And now I have a set of dental moldings for any occasion. Cherry for a night on the town, oak for my day to day needs, even some knotty pine for when I’m feeling fancy. My crowns have never looked better!

-Mo Lahr
Cuspid, WY

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  • skeets skeets

    LMAO !

  • Greg N

    Love all the April foolery! And also funny that viewing this page gave me a targeted ad for permanent dental implants.