The Benefits of Making a Furniture Project Prototype

The Benefits of Making a Furniture Project Prototype

Save time and money on your next furniture project. The time you spend making a project prototype will help you work out the best design details, catch mistakes before they happen, and help you figure out how to build your final project successfully. Using inexpensive wood for the prototype will also prevent wasting your best wood on design mistakes.

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  • Don Butler

    For me, It makes more sense to work out every detail with SketchUp. If I do every detail, joinery, accurate dimensions and hardware, I have built a prototype without turning on a single tool or cutting any materials. That is not to say that building a prototype is wrong. It just works better for me with the 3D modeling.

  • SanityPlea

    It is not just a time issue. Obviously, in the case of this video, the solid poplar for the “practice legs” does not come cheap!