Q & A

  • Repairing Badly Damaged Furniture

    I work for a furniture wholesale business where most of our merchandise is shipped from overseas. Recently, one of the shipments that we received was very badly damaged.

  • Band Saw Is Just Drifting Along

    I have a nice 14-inch band saw that I purchased new. I have an assortment of blades. But no matter what size blade I use, my work always drifts from the fence.

  • Saw Blade RPMs

    I believe the blade turns at about 5,100 rpm. The cut is very smooth, but I would like lower noise levels. So how would decreasing the rpm affect the saw’s performance?

  • Adjustable Output Table

    Why is the output table on a jointer adjustable? The answer to a rather straightforward jointer question turns out to be equally practical and creative.

  • Gluing vs. Nailing Floor Boards

    We are currently building a new home and will be installing a wide plank antique beech floor – the boards vary in width from 8″ to 14″. Would it be better to glue or nail the floor down?

  • Left Tilt Safety

    I use mitered corners on my boxes and I noticed that the saw has a left-tilt blade. Does it work well? Is it dangerous?

  • Non-degrading Finish

    I have an exterior handrail made of Ipe (I couldn’t afford to make the rest of the balcony in Ipe). Do you have any recommendations for re-finishing especially with something that will last a season or two?

  • An Elixir for Checking and Splitting

    Some of my slabs are beginning to check and split. I’ve heard poly-ethyl glycol is a liquid that is supposed to stop this. Do you know anything about this or where I can find it?

  • Correct Bench Height

    I wonder if the 35-1/2″ height is something of an historical quantity? I am 5′ 11″ and a 38″ floor to bench-top bench would seem to work well.

  • An Issue with Cupping

    I made a cutout in the shape of the state of Ohio from a piece of 1/4″ walnut. The grain runs from top to bottom and that is where it cups.