Q & A

  • Pesticide for Stored Furniture?

    I recently saw an episode of a nationally televised woodworking show in which the host said lumber should be treated with pesticide before being placed in storage.

  • Pin Knotholes

    I’m building a Shaker-style crossbuck table out of cherry. On the top surface of the table there are several pin knotholes of 1/16″ diameter or less. What is the best way to fill these holes?

  • A Small Wood Plane

    I do a lot of woodworking with small projects, and I am looking for a special wood plane designed to take the edge off lumber. It is small and only 2 or 3″ long.

  • Edge Marking and Burning

    I thought the blade was worn, but when I replaced it with a new 10″ carbide-tipped blade, the same thing still occurs. Does something need adjustment, or is it the blade?

  • Homemade Finish for Mahogany

    I am getting near the finishing stage of a plant stand made from mahogany. I want the wood’s natural beauty to pop but also need the protection of a urethane. I have heard of a tung oil/poly mix and do you know the recipe?

  • Small Box Finger Joints

    I want to use a router to make 1/4″ finger joints for a small box. What would be the most appropriate bit to use straight, spiral upcut, or spiral downcut?

  • Can’t Cut a Flat Joint

    No matter what I do, I keep cutting curves on the jointer and not the perfectly flat surface I expected. I’ve checked that the tables are perfectly level.

  • Difficult and Dangerous?

    I’ve heard it’s both difficult and dangerous to mount a plunge router in a router table, but that’s exactly what I want to do.

  • Historical Preservation vs. Function

    I have acquired a small, very old church pew. It dates from the Civil War and I want to put something on it to extend its life.

  • The Cheap Router Question

    I’m just getting started and considering the purchase of my first router. $200 to $300 is more than I can pay for one of the ones that everyone talks about.