Clamp Slots Take the Place of Bench Dogs

Clamp Slots Take the Place of Bench Dogs

I don’t have room in my small shop for a workbench with bench dogs. Instead, I routed a pair of straight slots in my shop countertop, wide enough to fit the bars of two “F” style clamps. I dismantled the clamps and slid their bars up through the slots, then reattached the adjustable clamp heads back on the bars with cotter pins. I can slide these clamps forward or backward where they’re needed, for convenient clamping.

When not in use, a large hole at the back of each slot enables me to turn the clamps sideways and out of the way. Or, I can pull the cotter pins out and remove the clamps entirely.

– Joel Rakower
Dix Hills, New York

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  • robert burkhardt

    Nice resolution to your problem – kudos.

  • Ben Nawrath

    Great tip from a fellow Long Islander. May give it a try on my side bench