How to Cut Plexiglass Without Chipping

How to Cut Plexiglass Without Chipping

This tip will help you easily cut plexiglass with no chips or breaks. Plexiglass can be tricky to cut on a table saw. The thin plastic might start to vibrate or flutter. Plexiglass also tends to chip easily. Chris Marshall uses a crosscut sled and a scrap of plywood to secure the plexiglass and prevent chipping.

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  • just a tired old guy

    we cut plexi and lexans every day, they have cutters that save you all the time of setting up your jigs for the tablesaw. While this video shows you a way that will work, the time lost is more than the plexi knife would set you back. Sorry but for me anyway, this video is a waste of time.

  • John Mitch (Mitch8)

    Great tip – thanks. I’m curious as to what blade you would recommend for this task. And if it matters regarding the thickness of the plastic.

    • Bob Cornell

      After working for many years in a custom plexy shop, we found that a triple chip blade works best for production cutting. It cuts one edge, then the other, then the middle. We always got clean cuts and no chipping as long as the blade was sharp. Another blade that we had was from Makita and had teeth like a Japanese pull saw.

  • When I had a job of having to laminate many items with Formica, I used 30 sheets of 4′ x 10′, that’s a lot of paneling and edging, I cut the Formica on the table saw by running it slowly backwards and a low blade.

  • richflynn

    I always cut clear sheet materials with three passes. Two scoring passes with a triple chip blade, one on each side and a huge flat push stick to hold the material against the table and into the saw. On the third cut I go all the way through still using the huge flat push stick.

    • JeffersonOh

      Bingo. ALWAYS works.

  • Bob Frincke

    A plastics shop gave me a tip one time after I had bought the 3rd sheet of plastic for the same job he said; “take yer old plywood blade and mount it backwards, keep it low and have a go”. A steel plywood blade works best for all laminates.