Doweling Jig Doubles as a Drill Press

Doweling Jig Doubles as a Drill Press

Whenever I need to drill a hole into the end of a long workpiece that won’t fit on my drill press, I use my doweling jig instead. I clamp the jig to the workpiece and drill the hole as deeply as the jig will allow. If the hole needs to be a little deeper, I take the jig off and use the “starter” hole as a guide to continue drilling. In fact, I used this technique recently to install a post-type swivel caster on a table leg.

– Gary Storme
Anacortes, Washington

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  • marc broussard

    A tool overlooked by many. A bit pricy for the one in the pic but if it bails you out one time on a big job it pays for itself. I even use it on the flat side of a board to drill a 90 degree hole instead of setting up the drill press for long stock. I have even drilled perfect holes in the ends of dowels with it. Clamp the dowel in your vise with the end flush with the jaw top. Centerpunch the hole using a centerfinder, and set the jig over the hole using a transfer punch to align the jig. Drill away..