Indentations Set Screw Placement on Drawer Faces

Indentations Set Screw Placement on Drawer Faces

Here’s an easy way to lay out the screw holes on drawer faces for handle hardware. Cut the heads off a spare pair of screws that fit the handles, and thread them in. Then set the handle in place on your drawer face and tap it with a soft mallet.


The screw shanks will leave indentations that show you exactly where you need to drill the through holes.

-Tim Sanchez
Bayfield, Colorado

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  • the krane

    That is a good idea.

  • richflynn

    Yeah but after cutting the heads off chuck the screws in a drill. Leave about 1/4″ extended from the chuck. Then spin the drill and use a file to put a point on the screw. The spinning in the drill will put the point in the center of the screw. Then all it takes is hand pressure to mark the drilling points.
    BTW – Always drill from the outside, front or finished surface for hardware holes. This will assure that the screw and hardware align correctly, even if the holes are slightly misaligned when drilling.

  • Robert

    Here’s a good addition to this one which I’ve done for years. Take a piece of heavy paper with 2 holes in it to fit snugly over the bolts. Before putting it on the bolts, fold it in half and crease the paper, put back on the bolts. Now you have a centerline to align the bolts left to right. If you are doing a whole kitchen, it will save a decent amount of time.

  • Gerald W. Wells

    Fine and dandy for each pair of holes per se… but one still has to take his tape measure (in hand) to find the exact left/right central positioning for each and every handle relative to the length of drawer front.