New Culinary Use for Your Lathe!

New Culinary Use for Your Lathe!

Recently we were planning a big family barbecue when my grill’s electric rotisserie decided to give up the ghost. There I was with a pile of chickens to get on the spit but no way to roast them. Thank goodness I have a lathe! I mounted the chicken between centers, set my lathe to its lowest speed and used a blowtorch to cook them to crispy perfection. If you like to brush on the sauce, be sure to wear eye protection or, even better, a face shield, for any speed over 100rpm. The juice is gonna fly! I find that MAPP gas really brings out the savory goodness more than propane, butane or other options. Happy cookouts!

– S. Pindleturner
Cheatinheart, Alabama

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  • Sam Rusu

    helps keep the bed oiled too

  • CJL1961

    OK April Fools Day…I get it.

  • Facts_Only

    Depending on the speed, it could de-bone the chicken too! … just say’n…