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Whether you’re making a Walnut Library Bookcase, an Heirloom Jewelry Box or a Tabletop Napkin Holder, you’ll be using tools to do so. For instance, you might choose among the more than 50 tools in the ONE+ line from RYOBI Power Tools, the sponsor of this issue’s Free Plans page, all in a contemporary green color scheme.

- Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

  • Big and impressive, yes? Hard to build? No. This Walnut Library Bookcase is actually a straightforward casework project, embellished with details like a built-up crown, fluted stiles and rosette accents.

  • Finger joints attach each base of this Tabletop Napkin Holder to the sides – which pinch together when it’s placed on a flat surface and ready for your guests to pinch a napkin (and dab up that gravy they’ve spilled).

  • This Heirloom Jewelry Box lends itself well to making multiples. Wood choices and a wooden hinge are among the elements that elevate it toward being a great gift choice for special someones.

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