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Whether you’re experiencing April showers or sunny skies, you’re likely feeling the spring fever itch to get outside. Both the Gardener’s Bench and the Folding Deck Table are ready to accompany you as soon as the sun shines, while an Octagon Jewelry Box makes quick work of your wood scraps while you’re waiting for a shower to pass.

- Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

  • If it’s hip to be square, you can double the coolness factor with this Octagonal Jewelry Box. Not only does it have twice as many sides, it’s also a great project to showcase attractive scraps of wood (and would make a nice gift, to boot).

  • This small Folding Deck Table functions in a variety of settings, both indoors and outdoors, whether you need an extra serving table for a family banquet, or just a place to set your lemonade on those days when it’s nice enough to sit outside and sun yourself.

  • With storage space for flowerpots and gardening tools, a hidden potting tray and a removable mixing tray, this Gardener’s Bench is all ready to be an attractive workhorse for the person in your family with the green thumb.

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