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Winter days are a time to cuddle up under quilts and read some cozy stories. And, you just might awaken a special doll from her long winter’s nap in an Early American Doll Bed to listen, too. When you’re done, tuck dolly back into bed, hang your quilt on a Quilt Crane and set your books into a handsome Walnut Library Bookcase.

- Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

  • Big and impressive, yes? Hard to build? No. This Walnut Library Bookcase is actually a straightforward casework project, embellished with details like a built-up crown, fluted stiles and rosette accents.

  • Who knows what dolls dream of? It’s possible, though, that visions of sugar plums will be dancing in the head of the lucky dolly who lies down to rest in this Early American Doll Bed.

  • Whether you’re displaying a work of art or family heirloom, or just need a place to store your cozy comforter when you’re not cuddled under it, this swing-arm design Quilt Crane provides a great option for either storage or display.

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