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Freshen up your home (and your shop skills) with an Arts & Crafts styled Taboret Table, or a Stackable Shoe Rack. Or, add some options to your shop with a Universal Table Saw Jig that helps you out when cutting miters, cutoffs or tapers.

- Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

  • Have you resolved to get organized? This Stackable Shoe Rack could be a great tool for that project (or, it could give you an excuse to use the tools in your shop … and put off that organizing stuff for just a little while longer …).

  • A great introduction to building Arts and Crafts furniture, this Taboret Table makes a great accent or plant stand, and sharpens your stock preparation and joinery skills in just a couple of weekends.

  • This Universal Table Saw Jig also works with a radial arm saw, and will serve you well for miters, cutoffs and tapering.

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