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J_TakesIt’s approaching the time of year when we celebrate the harvest with a time of tradition. The Eastern Shore Chest might resemble something your ancestors used for storage. It just might inspire you to get out the old photo albums and sit around the Old-Fashioned Farm Table to reminisce. What will the little ones be doing? Perhaps playing with their Toy Livestock Truck: the ultimate in transportation for toy animals.

- Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

  • In most households with children, there are some toy animals floating around. What better way to transport them than in this Toy Livestock Truck, made from a series of blocks, wheels and pegs? (If your family’s “livestock” includes a few giraffes and elephants who want a ride, that’s OK with us.)

  • This Eastern Shore Chest may not be an heirloom yet, but it has that look about it. It would make a great gift, as well as a great workout for your router skills, as you create cope-and-stick joinery, sliding dovetails, raised panels and flutes.


  • This sturdy Old-Fashioned Farm Table features a 36-in. x 72-in. top, plus storage drawers on each end. It’s plenty roomy to seat the whole family, and sturdy enough to serve as a workhorse.

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