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JoannaWerchTakesAre you looking for space-saving options in your projects? This issue’s Free Plans will help you out. The Ash Wall Desk gives you a writing surface and desk option, without taking up any floor space, while an Oval Extension Table looks elegant even without the extension leaves – and can expand to fit more around the table for a special occasion. Need a work surface for building these? Check out the third plan, for a Classic Workbench.

- Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

  • This Classic Workbench is a no-nonsense maple workbench. It’s so classical, your Granddad would approve.

  • The Oval Extension Table is designed so that it perfectly forms an oval without any extensions. The table makes its bold statement with its distinctive details that enhance this classical design.

  • The Ash Wall Desk is the perfect alternative to a floor-standing desk. It has a large drop-down writing surface, twin built-in-corkboards, a pencil holder, and two shelves for storage. It can be mounted almost anywhere with 30 inches of free wall space.

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