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The next time you sit down and break bread together with your friends and family, you could pull the bread (or doughnuts, whatever trips your trigger) out of the Butternut Breadbox you’ve made. You just might have pulled the old family recipe out of a special storage place, like an Eastern Shore Chest. Speaking of storage, a Handsaw Caddy will provide a place for everything, and help to keep your shop spic and span.

- Joanna Werch Takes, Woodworker’s Journal

  • This Butternut Breadbox is just the right size to house home-baked bread, fresh from the oven — or some pastries from the bakery.

  • This Eastern Shore Chest may not be an heirloom yet, but it has that look about it. It would make a great gift, as well as a great workout for your router skills, as you create cope-and-stick joinery, sliding dovetails, raised panels and flutes.


  • This Handsaw Caddy is a truly handy method of keeping your saws in order, adaptable to whatever number you own.

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